This is the second set of lyrics I've ever actually written and used

For Tonight

Have a seat and kick your feet back,
[with] any luck this won't take too long.
You're so full of surprises,
but that never stopped me before
So take a breath, and close those eyes.
When morning comes, it will all be fine.

Just follow the sound of my voice to a river,
so full of life and nothing else, and nothing matters anymore.
We can drink from these waters
'cause they're never too polluted.
Life is easier, and nothing's ever convoluted.
We'll look up to the stars in the sky
and we don't have to worry
'cause we know we'll always be alright.

We'll be alright. In a dream, for tonight.

Take a breath, close your eyes,
go to sleep, you'll be fine.

There's a recording of the song on my profile (link in sig)
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