This is so lame.

I got this OLD charvel for 40 bucks. Body and neck gutted completely, guy left it in his car for a week and the fretboard seperated from the neck, suprisingly the neck was not boughed at all. So heres how i fixed it!

Supplies :
Gorilla Glue
Two mini clamps
A little bit of water (the blue/green thing)
Sandpaper 120 grit

First thing is first, You gotta sand off the old glue inside without sanding the wood down TOO much. So Stick the paper down in there, hold each side tight trying to make it nice and even with the wood inside and gently GENTLY sand until you can look through the board from the side and see no nastys.

Next i cut some small pieces out of my rag.

Now you gotta dampen the wood ever so slightly to help the glue adhere and to get any dust/dirt out.

I used the butterknife to apply the glue inside as it was small enough to fit, my mom will be pissed, but guitar > parents. not really.

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cant have to many pics in one post =[

Next its time to clamp. remember the small pieces of rag i cut out? here they go.

Now i placed it somewhere where gravity will work with me...

Now every minute or so for the first 10-15 minutes keep checking it because the glue will run out the sides and you DONT want gorilla glue drying, because its a b1tch to get off!
this should be in GB&C, but awesome anyways.
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