Today I picked up an old Casiotone MT-58 for 5 dollars at a yard sale. It's from the early eighties, and it's pretty nice little thing.

So, what's the best thing you've bought at a yard sale?
the rights to the internet for $2.50
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I bought the nordic track thing for 20$. It costs 500$ new...

do you even use that?
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Did your know your son likes to fap?

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add that:
I bought this old flask or something for $5. They said it was made in Morocco, and it has these carved ivory panels on the front and back. I thought it was really cool/interesting. Heres a pic:

I got a solid brass slinky there too, 25th or 50th anniversary or something. Still in the case and plastic wrap!
Never got any instruments though.
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I don't buy from them much, but my friend found an awesome one with 25 cent vinyl on sale, and it was good stuff, like Priest, AC/DC, Rush, Aerosmith etc.
i make money at garage sales all the time. whenever i see one i just see if they have any old smoking pipes on sale, they get good money on ebay, especially if theyre nice. i bought an old ivory pipe with inlaid silver for $20 once and sold it for just over $170 bucks on ebay
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Is a bag full of pennies an acceptable method of payment?

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although i love garage sales i can't think of anything spectacular that i have bought
Spectacular? Nothing really.
Favourite? 1950s Stanley Bailey No.4 Plane (£5)
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i got a 75 dollars baseball mitt for 20 bucks. Its awesome.
Oh and i almost bought a motorcycle, but I decided not to waste my money. I'd just crash and die, anyway.
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I don't go to many car boots, but the ones with the pirate DVD stalls are always good. I've got five good quality movies for three quid before.

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Mostly junk. Like an airfix spitfire with the cockpit and propeller missing

Just got loads of my mums old vinyls from my dad though, lots of ozzy and marrilion
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