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how do you transport you GP files lke this?

tell me and ill crit,

ah, never mind its pretty good, but answer my question?

Well I would first appreciate it if you gave it bit of a more in-depth crit, but to do it you need to go to your desktop and make a new compressed folder. Once that's there, put your GP file in it. Then come on here and click on "Manage Attachments." Find your folder and then just click upload.
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I thought it was a bit too slow and the drums were just annoying. The riffs were also a bit repetitive. Not too bad though, some of the riffs have some potential
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Well, not all metal songs can be fast, but I'll see if I can't speed it up in certain parts. I'll add some more riffs if possible, too. One question though. How do you change the tempo in certain parts of the song? Whenever I change it, the whole song changes tempo.
The acoustic intro was nice, but you made it drag on for too way too long. Same with the riffs, you seemed overuse them too much. A bit too slow aswell. They where pretty cool riffs though, a few parts there that i really enjoyed. The chords on the outro weren't that crash hot till the last one.

id say 7/10

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it was veryyyy repetitive. like the intro was just unnecessarily long like 12 repeats is way too much with just drum changes. and the rest of the riffs were pretty unexciting. i sped the temp to 100bpm and it sounded a little better, but it definitely needs awesome vocals cos its very long and drawn out and boring tbh, sorry.

the button beside the hands at the bottom bar that looks like a red and green slider. thats the mix table click than and you can change tempos in certain bars etc..
I actually liked the beginning a lot! It seemed kind of like you dragged it out though, like Boom ch ka said. The whole song seemed a little dragged out, like you were aspiring for length, but you don't need length, just great ideas.

This song is filled with a lot of them! It's like laid back metal, really awesome! I don't know how you gave the vibe of laid-backness in that metal song, but it was AWESOME. Keep it up man, lemme know if you do anything new.

ideas in your song - 9/10

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4/4 is just so boring. <_<
This was good - it had a very certain, laid back, cool vibe. I wish more metal was like this instead of all the screamo crap where nothing is distinguishable. My only criticism would be what everyone else has said - the riffs do drag on for a while. The drums compliment well and add to the vibe. This song seems to have a lot of potential.
Have a look at my song is you get chance -
Hey, if you guys have a chance, could you tell me where I could cut down on the repeats? I'm ready to fix it up, but I'm not sure where to cut parts out. Thanks.
I like the intro. But it just got too repetitive. The riffs were good, but i didnt need to here them 8 times each. Also i think that guitar 1 and 2 should be harmonizing at measure 9 instead of guitar 1 playing it all. LOVE the drums man. Your good at writing them. Measure 36 was KICK ASS!!! Reminded me of enter sandman a little. The solo sucked sorry man. It wasnt full enough because the rythm guitar was whimpy during the solo while the solo guitar was playing like, one note. But all in all good stuff and thanks for the crit. 7.75/10
WOW, that was great, i loved the lead break near the end, kind of early neo-classical in style for the solo, with that run and the long legato rifts, Randy Rhoads style type playing but i would really suggest putting tempo changes in some areas for dynamics, It gets a little boring i think in the verse, I reckon you lost me there a bit.

(like to see the vocals )
WAY too slow and repetitive. really boring. Lead was kinda lame. The intro just kept on going i mean.. sheesh... the riffs was to slow again. and repetitive.


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