There's plenty of stuff on here about entire bands but...I don't see that much about solo sets and open mic instances.

Anyone up for an open discussion on it? I've been doing open mics at a lot of the bars in town for a few months now, and have picked up a few things. Hoping to do an entire solo set somewhere soon.

Someone else start off. Go!
damn man i have been wanting to go do a solo set, but i find it hard as i need a singer my singing sounds like rusty nails being driven into a wall socket. and i dont know any good singers at all.
I'm interested in playing some open mics once i get back to school. they have an open mic every wednesday night. im finally at a place where im very confident with my playing and i can sing decently now so I just need to work out some arrangements of songs. do you have any tips on performing alone on stage? i have a feeling id be a little nervous till i get used to it.
I prefer playing solo than playing with a band. If I decide to make a setlist change, no discussion is necessary. If I fudge a lyric, I can play it off like nothing happened. The audience is mine to butter up and interact with, and there's no band for me to piss off. I also just prefer playing stripped down and acoustic, and most of my originals are folk songs, so it's easier for me to play the songs naturally as opposed to forcing the full band arrangements.
^^^ True dat.

Be sure to have a setlist ready, you don't want to be stuck up on stage going "Uh...well...I don't know what to play next....hmmm...." Also, be sure that you aren't sitting up there tuning up a whole bunch. Personally I try to keep it in standard, drop D, or occasionally open G. I guess if you had a pedal with a bypass, or could turn the volume down on your guitar and tune, it wouldn't be as bad. Just make sure you can do it quickly and accurately. Also, don't talk too much. A little banter is okay but people are probably there to hear music, not what happened at Wal-Mart the other day. Just make everything run together nice and smooth, and thank your host.

More than anything else, relax and have fun. Chances are it isn't going to be a huge crowd, and you'll know atleast a few people there. Have fun with it, play a few songs, smile, laugh, and try to make as many people happy as you can. If you see heads bobbing and feet tapping, then chances are that someone is sitting there enjoying your sound.