I'm fairly new to writing music, and this is the second full song I've ever written. It's obviously supposed to have lyrics in it, and I know it's not perfect, but I would like honest opinions here, especially on the solo. Thanks!

Important : Untitled Song 1 is the song i originally created but i got sick and tired of the riff and I made Untitled Song 1 Alternate, which is the better one.
Untitled Song 1 Alternate.zip
I can't believe no one has commented this song yet!

I LOVE your song! The 7/8 at the beginning seemed a little forced, but it worked. It works better because of the 2/4 ahead of it. Your chord progression, up every half-step, at the first chorus, I loved it. It was very cool.

Breakdown at 105 was really cool. Very innovative, love the experimentation with harmony and time signatures. Very cool song. 5/5

Wanna crit mine? ^_^

4/4 is just so boring. <_<
Ok, that ain't bad, but why don't you try to record it yourself?
By the way the solo ripps, good work!
wow, awesome i think is the word, that is amazing. The first 100 bars are great but they don't compare to the rhythm at bar 105 its all good and then it gets even better. That solo is so fast, that makes Metallica's One look slow and easy. My favourite bit is the sudden cut off to the acoustic, that part is great. Then it goes straight back to the normal riffs,
overall that is deserving of a 10/10, but i'd love to see you record that.

Can you crit a few of my songs? Not really bothered which one(s) in sig.