As the title states, I'm trying to find a full written version of this song. I learned the first few verses age ago, while taking lesson, but having moved on and forgoten all about it, it slipped my mind. Recently, I tried to pick it up, but can't remember past the first 2 1/2 lines. The song, as it was introduced to me, is called Mr. Lucky(but not the one by Mancini, I beleive). Anyways, heres the 1st 2 lines tabbed. Let me know if you recognise it at all. Thanks in advance.


ps. the tabs kind of crunched here, if you open the attachment in msword and maximize the window, it's much better. tia again.
mr lucky tab.txt
I've found that the song is written by Jerry Reed, but still no tabs. Anyone know anything about this?