So I've read reviews about this, and theres one up for sale at my city webiste.

My gear

Crate 2x12
Peavey 50/50 power amp
Boss GT-6

Now, what would the ADA MP-1 do for me, would i need all those? I dont know much about rack stuff and ****. Thanks anyway
Depends on if its modded or stock, but it has some pretty nice cleans and can get pretty rocking on the gain channels. The built in chorus is iffy imo, but its not like you have to use it if you dont like it.

Id say go for it and try it out. Its pretty cheap and sounds good. Im not sure about your cab though, it might bring it down a little.
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Paul Gilbert used one for years in the 80s and early 90s and it always sounded great in my opinion.
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