who makes it
Epiphone Les PAul StandarD

Line 6 Spider III 120

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My favourite to play is my PGM301, it plays amazingly.

My favourite sounding is my Telecaster. Those mid 80's Japanese Fender's are incredible.
Ibanez PGM301
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Fender Telecaster MiJ - 1986
Swing T-Through

Ibanez TS9DX
Sovtek Small Stone - c.1985
EHX Big Muff
Kimbara Wah - c.1974
Boss GE-7

Orange Rocker 30 Combo

Explosion razorback
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GRETSCH, i love my Synchromatic with the bigaby trem, ****ing sweet
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so true ^.
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what in the name of satanus is a bass?

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gibson sg for playability.
epi les paul for sound.
i <3 my gibson.

proud member of the anti-ibanez milita. my rg1570 was the crappiest guitar i've ever owned.

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I think my favorite to play is my schecter hellraiser
Fender Highway 1 Fat Strat
Fender MIM Standard Strat(EMG SL-20 loaded pickguard)
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Les Paul Standard

Gibson Les Paul Standard
Schecter C1 Classic
Ovation CS257
Drive Stratocaster copy

Traynor YCV80 all Tube
Pignose G40V Tube Amp

Ibanez TS9
Digitech GNX2
Line6 POD
Fostex MR8HD multitrack recorder
My favorite that I've owned is my Raven from the sixties, I have no idea what model it is (the serial number was on a sticker inside the guitar that someone ripped off) but it's so comfortable and sounds great. It also doesn't get much feedback even though it hollow-bodied

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my ibanez s prestige would be the best overall one...
for real metal sounds i still prefer my cort with active emgs tho, but the difference isn't all that great.
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'89 gibson lp, perfectly worn in by me.
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my gibson es 335 is a smexy best
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Gibson ES 335 (1990)
Gibson Les Paul Standard (1986)
Eppiphone acoustic john Lennon J 160 E
Fender Jagstang
Gibson SG
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (40 tube wats)
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SLSMG soloist to be exact


Its like, super-strat playability meets Les paul tone. I'm currently saving up for an Sl-1 for my pure shred, but the SLSMG will always be my go-to for rhythm
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my bronze edition BC Rich Warlock. It sounds like crap and it almost fell apart right when i picked it up but i look so cool when i hold it.
Oh geeze, it's hard between my Universe and my S-540. The Universe is just badass beyond all reason and it sounds amazing, while the feel of my S is just pure sex.
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'89 gibson lp, perfectly worn in by me.

omg i hav an 86 lp i love it wat color is urs
My Gear

Gibson ES 335 (1990)
Gibson Les Paul Standard (1986)
Eppiphone acoustic john Lennon J 160 E
Fender Jagstang
Gibson SG
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (40 tube wats)
They're all amazing for different reasons...

My explorer and V are both amazing for hard rock. My strat is amazing play wise, tone wise, and versitality wise. My squire is amazing for sentimental reasons. My mosrite is amazing because of it's paper thin neck and surf rock sound. And my tele is amazing for it's awesome twang and playability, and the look of it is beautiful thanks to sticker+strap.
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It would be a tie between my 57 Reissue and Esp Eclipse, they are too different to compare.... And both great for all genres of music
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I have many but lately my Variax is near the top due to its ability to go from Acoustic to Electric by just changing a setting on the fly......... My next is the RG 550, the Les would be up there except for the damn weight of the thing. So it only gets used when I play through the talkbox. So my final answer is the Line6
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I only have one guitar, but I can't imagine loving something more than my Schecter C1 classic modded with EMG81/85s.
WTLTL 2011
My Ibanez RG1570 plays like butter compared to my Les Pauls

The neck on it is absolutely flawless and feels great down to the finish of it
it's a tie between my ibanez and schecter for a whole lot of different reasons

but i mostly play my schecter, i go through phases, haha