Hey, im looking for a good bass head. I've been looking at ampeg and mesa boogie heads but let me know if there are any other good brands. I want a sound like Lamb Of God or Killswitch Engage.. somthin METAL.
around $500-700
suggest some model numbers too please.


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Well, Mike D from KsE used to use Ampegs up until the last album, where he switched to a Mesa 400+ head for the last tour and album.

Cliff Burton used a Mesa 400+.

John Campbell of LoG uses a Mesa 400+

Troy Sanders from Mastodon uses a Mesa Big Block 750 as well as an Ampeg SVT4-Pro.

However, the Mesas I mentioned are well over a grand, so in your range I'd suggest something Ampeg with tubes, either new or used. I got my late 90's SVT3-Pro for $550, and it's in new condition and it's louder than an Ampeg SVT Classic.
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