not a fan of when everything cuts out for the bass. Seemed to get a bit boring/repetitive, maybe add some vocals? Liked the simpleness to it with the chords. Drums didnt suite me though. good for your first attempt though. end of the bridge going into the chorus was cool, but then you made the bass cut out, witch i thought was unnecessary.


crit mine?

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That guitar riff in the verse has a cool idea, but the 3rd bar just sounds a little out of place with the chords. Chord progression worked fine though. The solo was pretty good however to me it didn't flow that smoothly but still pretty well done for your first writing attempt. As for the drums, this is where everything really lacked there was really no beat and I've never seen a drummer play straight through a song playing floor tom/mid tom/hi hat pedal in quarter notes. There really should be some beat going to the song especially in like the solo you can really bring out the solo with the drums making the song more uptempo sounding.

6.5/10 as well
Yeah, I really don't know too much about drums so thats why they were lacking. I would have to get help from my friend to fix up the drums in that song. I should see if he'll help me. Thanks ^.^
hey, worn-v, you could send them my way, i'd help you with drums ^_^

Maybe edit that solo too, see if you like it.
4/4 is just so boring. <_<