they're pretty nice. convincing tube tones
but you could get an actual tube combo for that price very easily

you might find more help at the gears and gear accesories forum
You could get something tube and so much nicer for that price.
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Okie, I like you too
Vox gets really boring after a while, the tones nice but they get really boring.
ok, thanks for the advice so far. if you guys have any other suggestiong for about the same price i'd appreciate it. Also, is the Vox halfstack any good for gigs?
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well i love my ad50vt and i dont care if its tube. It sounds alot better than my bros epi valve jr IMO and my brothers opinion too.
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Schecter C-1 Artist
Vox AD15VT
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If volume is the problem with your little Vox, then a big Vox is the answer.
If tone is the problem, then a different amp would be a proper direction.
Go to a music store, play the halfstack Vox. Talk to the guys there. See what they think.
I have a small Vox, the same one as you, and I'm leaning towards a different brand of amp... likely a Marshall or Line 6... to get a different tone, as I'm not entirely satisfied with mine.
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