I'm pretty sure my 2nd fret where the A string is above is bad. A regular level fret would be straight and level across the fret all the way from one side of the neck to the other, but mine looks as if it is a tiny bit lower under where the A string would be. This causes really bad buzz on that fret and it's been ticking me off really bad lately... I've taken it in for a $45 setup and that didn't help at all, and the buzz just keeps getting worse and I keep raising the action and I'm pretty much screwing myself because I wasted $45.
This guitar cost me $250 and it was used, made in 2002. But the store owner said it was close to new, the guy who took it in sold it because it was 'unplayable'. Just a bad nut which has been replaced
Anyways, would it be worth spending money on a $250 guitar to get a fret job? How much money would it cost to replace the fret and/or do anything else that would fix the problem? I'm too lazy to go in the shop and ask. I hate that place
Or is there a way I could do it myself? The only time I brought my guitar into the shop was for the setup, I've done everything else myself. Killswitch installation on my other guitar, Straplock on this one, and a nut installation.