I recently made the discovery that rolling your own ciggarettes is way cheaper than buying packs. But here's the thing; I suck at rolling and I don't have a machine.Doe's anybody have any tips?


EDIT: checked the myspace = Fail.

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just practice practice practice.Watch how other people roll joints and ciggarettes and you will catch on pretty fast and before you know it you will be rolling perfect fattys
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how bout this: buy a machine. their only about 50 cents at your neighborhood head shop. just put the tobaccy in the open apron, close, roll, insert favorite rolling paper, lick, roll again, open and smoke. if you say you cant afford one, well, you have five fingers, dont you?
You can always go to cigarette shops, they'll roll them for you with the machine. We have people who come in to my gas station to buy tobacco and rolling papers every now and then, because we special order it for them. Pretty cool people, I'm impressed with people who roll their own cigarettes.. I'm too lazy to do so, however.
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