This is going to sound weird but here goes. I am born in the United States to a mainly English family and have an American accent because I have lived here my whole life. I'm a metalhead, and am usually a normal person.

Should I change my accent?

Here is my reasoning for the change.

1. English/New Zealand accents sound better than American (I know it, you know it)

2. People are always asking me to do English accents and it gets annoying.

3. Speaking with that accent already feels just as natural (probably even more comfortable) to me as speaking with an American accent (I have grown up with a whole family who has accents my entire life). I only really chose American because that's what my friends spoke.

4. For the ladies. ; )

Here's my reasoning not to.

1. That's ****ing weird to adopt an accent not native to your own country.

2. I will have to take abuse for it for a little while.

Give me your opinion on what I should do. I'm completely serious.

I have been tryin it out for the last coupla days and I enjoy it, so let me know.
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thats kinda weird....never try to be something your not!
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Who are you madonna? Why would you talk with a fake accent? Thats like having a handicap sticker and your not handicap, except instead of the best parking space, it's attention.
New Zealand/ English, although only if you have a very deep voice, so you sound like Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords. By the way TS, nice avatar.
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dude wtf just talk. the only accents you should worry about are musical accents
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thats kinda weird....never try to be something your not!

Well actually, as I said the accent is just as natural to me. I do not have one accent naturally. So I can't just talk. For quite some time I have used an American accent, but I believe that was a decision.

I make a decision what accent to use. This may be part of some mental disorder who knows.

EDIT: and yes, my non-American accent sounds exactly like Je'maine from Flight.
I bet you five bucks that I play guitar.
dude, you sound just like me, in fact, i could have written this, but not really because if i were you i wouldnt do it. it just seems like to much trouble to go through i suppose. it weird, yeah, but you could do it if you like... moved to england or new zealand or somethin'
I'm from New Zealand, and when I moved here to Australia I had a massive NZ accent. After a while I started to talk Australian without realising it. Now I can't even speak the way I used to.
I find it hard to believe that you could just "adopt" an accent without it sounding like an impression.
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Does it matter... You're all white. If you live in the US who cares!

I don't think you should change your accent. It's stupid and there's no point to it. You're in the US people, and some British accents are hard to understand. Plus it's not you
just do whatever feels natural. try to do a little bit of both so ppl don't think you're like a wanna be or trying to be something you're not cuz u actually are. Just say everything whatever feels natural. like me i have a canadian/american accent even though my mom's filipino and my dad's pakistani. growin up i had a think filipino accent but it just changed over time and sometiems I played around and pretended to have an indian accent when makes jokes and sometimes i find my self accidently pronoucing words differently but I just do what feels natural and try not to think about it that way ppl can tell where u at like they can say yo dis dude sounds like his parents are this and he lived there and watever
i don't think you could ever sound like a native british person. you may think you can change your accent but i don't think that's possible. i study french but no matter how much i study or how good i get at it, i would probably never ever sound like a native french person. the same could be for you too and everyone else.
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Yes, I often pretend to have the accent of a homosexual german man, and it does wonders for my metal cred, and also it gets me laid constantly. Chicks dig a guy with an accent.

But in all honesty.. I have the accent of someone who grew up in Biloxi Mississippi, who has a mother who grew up in New Jersey, and a father who grew up in Texas.. And I now live in Missouri.. My accent rules. It's like I can't decide what dialect to use.
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1. changing your accent is lame unless it occurs naturally without you even noticing.

2. what kind of freak would want to sound like a kiwi?
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First of all, I can't stand English accents. I don't think that an accent is better than another, though.

However, I know quite a few girls, and I have never heard one say that they thought an English accent is hot, usually they tell me the opposite.

I seriously doubt you "chose" your accent. Accents are formed with the foundations for speech. Basically, if you are going to get an accent it will happen in your first 5-8 years of life. It is possible to develop an accent afterwards, but it is not the same, and will not sound the same.

Be honest with yourself here, developing a new accent (other than maybe Australian, but it's too easy to sound fake with that, so don't) will not make you cooler or more popular, and will definitely not help you with the ladies. Unless you devote years of your life to developing your accent, people will read you like a cheap children's book, your ass will be like Green Eggs and Ham.

Why don't you devote your time to a more worthwhile goal, and one that doesn't hide who you are? If you want to up your cool factor, work on something that will gain you respect, instead of trying to learn how to talk differently, play guitar, or lift weights, or run, or fix stuff, develop some skill or ability that will gain respect from those around you, not gain their ridicule.
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Talk in a Newfie accent eh? Yergonnahafta do it sometime anywayseh?
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