So i just returned the V16 palomino, it was good, until the volume started getting cut off in the middle of my playing.

I need a new amp now.

First of all, I want a decent clean, doesn't have to be a sparkely fender clean, just a good clean. But it needs to have enough gain to get a metallica, iron maiden tone. Keep in mind i will be getting a Fulltone OCD or Jekyll and Hyde. Please choose one to go with an amp. I will not be using this for gigs at all. at most i will perform to the maximum of 10 people in the living room, so 5 watts should suffice. Price range, 350-500 including pedal in USD. I have a schecter gryphon guitar. Also, Tube amp is a must.

ALESIS spitfire or wildfire 60. i have the spitfire 60and its a 60watt 1X12 with 80 onboard effects,a great clean,a tube setting that sounds exactly like a tube amp, very strong drive,AUX in so you can play backing tracks and such thru it speaker output(8 ohms),footswitch(up/down)inputs,expression pedal input, head phone input,bass treble, and master volume knobs
oh and the price is around 200 USD it can be really quiet also.so its good for gigs and private shows.
tiny terror is good for wat u want..but alot of ppl say that there isnt enough gain for metallica (but ur getting a overdrive remember? lol)
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Why not take your V16 in for repairs...? Or exchange it for a good one?

Because i'm sure it will break down again. Vietnam's quality checks aren't that good.