i'm thinking of buying as my first 5 string and was wondering if this bass lives up to its price? i've heard several good things , but i just wanted to get a better idea.

plus i can't choose between colors

so if you can give me some insight that'd be great
One of the guitarists I used to have it in that wood finish on the bottom. I could get a Wooten tone out of that thing pretty easily!!!

Its a GREAT bass. Very punchy tone, with plenty and plenty of low end. That B string stays nice and tight as well =]] I'd go for it!!

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I own this bass, the natural colored one and I absolutely love it. I havn't really adjusted it from stock, the action could be a bit lower but that's easy to fix. It's a very comfortable bass, I mostly play guitar and the neck seems thinner then other 5 string necks so I like it. It is very versatile, I havn't had a problem finding any sort of tone I want. The build quality is pretty good for it's price and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a bass like this and in it's price range.

Personally I would get the natural color, it's prettier in person.

Here's mine.
there amazing
me you

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the natural colored one is infinitely more amazing than the red. As for the bass itself I have no input.
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