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and also, to the threadstarter, if you want advice on technique, tell us whats wrong with your sound/technique, or what you think is wrong.
and oh yeah, practise. practise. practise slow at first, with a metronome, get it good slow, then make it quicker, then quicker etc. not too fast at first.
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What's up with the sudden glut of people posting nonsensical titles!?

And the answer as many have pointed out, is the obvious. Practise.
Practice. With a "c"

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Sex, pizza, the smell of fresh washing and slap bass.
Practice, and if at all possible, get someone to show you in person some tips.
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i think he wants to dream theater to be considered more metal, so he dyed his beard.


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Lmfao, this is the best thread ever, aside from the fact that it involves a girl being harpooned through a tent.
Do you have a teacher?
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.
Practice really does make perfect. Unless you're doing it the wrong way. Then you're ****ed. Talk to a teacher and make sure you're doing it right, and then just practice.
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