the vocals on this song were pretty good, but i think you ten d to draw them out to much, i dont know this song but it seams that you sing some of the syllables to long and others to short, the guitar sounds good, the base line in nice and i think should be brought out more (volume) the solo worked pretty well, the break in it worked very well, good slide playing im looking to start playing slide and i hope to be able to do some thing like that soon, good job
I'm going to be criting Straight out of Hell as i'm listening

Very Queens of the Stone Age-ish I like it.

Very Techy which is good

Kinda Marilyn Manson vocals, which isnt bad. I like some MM

But like I said very queens of the stoneage , not to many bands that I've heard like that.

I like it ALOT!!

It's catchy and ruggid good job 10/10

Thanks for criting mine.
Great man, nice guitar sound at the start and at the solo. I think you did a good job with the vocals as well, although it seems to me you might be holding back some energy when youre singing? Dont be afraid to shout and rock out man, but dont get me wrong it was great anyway! No doubt 'bout that!
Nice man, I agree with Rockaholic, It sounds like your holding back on the vocals a bit, singing from your throat instead of your chest. Love the gutiar and bass though, and it's clear u've got an alright voice, so I'd say maybe re-record the vocals and go for it a bit more and it would be perfect.
vocals were really well recorded, but they sound too distant from the other instruments. Like you recorded all the instruments seperateley (yeah i know thats probably what you did, but you should mix them in a way so that it sounds like all instruments are played at the same time IMO) I think it needs a little reverb, a little less than the amount you put on the rest of the instruments, but enough so it doesn't sound like you're singing in a soundproof room while the rest of your band is out in a concert hall.
This is one of my favorite songs on their latest albums, and I think you did this very very good. You added your own touch and I liked it a lot. I just thought the vocals weren't mixed that good, thats all. Everything else was really great. Especially like that robot sounding harmonies, pretty kick ass. But yea, I think it needs a little better mixing, everything sounds really good otherwise. The musical tone is great, I love it. Good shtuff, love that tone on the solo. Love the solo too. Great job on that man.
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