i have a MusicMan John Petrucci 7 string but it's made on 2002 so it hasn't got the d sonic pickup. instead it has the same old dimarzio custom humbucker.
just wanted to ask people out there who have tried d sonic.
is it worth the money?
does the sound change much? details?
i checked out dimarzio's official site, and now they have, not only d sonic (DP207), but also d sonic 7 (DP706).
it appears that d sonic 7 is made specifically for 7 strings.
and it appears that DP207 can be reversed to fit the character of the low B string on 7 string guitars.
so can it be said that this is done on all eb/mm jp7s?
should i get the 207 and reverse-install it?
or should i get the brand new 706 instead?
i'd like to change the bridge pickups by the way.
help! thanks!
its definatley worth i, fantastic pickup.

and you want the 7 string one with the bar facing the bridge.
waht it means about reversing is that you can do wit with the 7 and 6 string one, and the bar facing the neck will be more mellow..the bar facing the bridge brighter.

john uses bar to the neck in his 6's and bar to the bridge in the 7's