Definately RG2550E, better pickup and more versatile.

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go for the rg 2550e, it has more pickups, so it's more versatile, also, having a pickguard makes it easier to swap pickups or modify the guitar in general.
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Dont listen to this advice. There is so much personal prefences that go into buying a guitar. Your best be is go to guitar center or watever guitar store u have and just mess around on all the guitars that stand out for you. Its the little differences between guitars that really will affect your desicion. DO NOT allow someone else to pick out a guitar for you
The only difference between the two guitars is that the RG2550 has DiMarzios, and the other one has an SD Full Shred. If he wanted, the TS could replace the bridge DiMarzio with an SD. The feel of the guitars will vary. He could find an RG2550 that feels great, and a RG 2610 that feels terrible, and vice versa. He asked for our opinion, we gave it.
I'd buy the RG2550 and swap the PUs to Dimarzio Air Zone, Fast Track1, Air Norton, but that might be over your budget?

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