So, i've had my eye on a Schecter 006 for some time now. So i went to Sound Control to try it out, but they didn't have any so i played a Schecter Blackhawk, and it wasn't any good at all.
The dude in the shop said the Blackhawk is an entry level guitar and that the 006 has a totally different neck.
So should i start to look at different makes, or wait until they get a 006 model in?
i dont even know how u found a blackhawk.

try the 006. it;s a good guitar for the money.

if u see something u like in the meantime, that's fine too.

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have a look at the reviews for the 006 on this site, and try one out

when they are back in stock, you can decide then if you like the 006 model.

I'm getting the 006 extreme soon