im just a newbie and i need your help..i play metal,punk and screamo songs... im about to buy an electric guitar and but i am confused about the differen kinds of humbucker pickups..

i have seen a humbucker pickups that like have a "metalplate cover" just like usually in the les paul guitars and i want to know its difference from a normal humbucker pickups, and is it more suitable in playing metal,punk songs??
the metal covers are just for decoration and maybe shielding.
whats your budget?
Actually, the metal covers end up meaning the pickups lose some of the highs, it'll sound smoother and warmer.
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Absolutely identical to humbuckers, the shielding can sometimes alter the sound a little but not noticeably unless you're an audiophile. Go for it, but I'd say anything with pickups covers generally isn't a guitar designed to play screamo and metal...
The "metal plated" pickups are simply covered with nickel....when it comes down to it, it is only cosmetic. Sometimes uncovering a pickup can make it seem a little hotter, but in most cases, the difference is negligable.

Don't worry about swapping pickups....you're way to early in the game....get a guitar you like and will play, and go for it.
The covers don't change the sound of your guitar (at least not noticeably.) Personally I just think they look better.
Yea, basically just get any guitar which has humbuckers in it and which feels comfortable to you. Also, it may be advisable to get a guitar with a mahogany body - they tend to have a darker, warmer tone, more suitable for your style of music.
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