heres mine i did a couple of weeks ago. i bought it as a blem a few years ago because i wanted a good sounding guitar that was cheap so basically i got a fat strat for 250 because of these too little dings fixed it and put some paint that costs as much as a brand new one on it. me and my brother work in a body shop (im a body tech and hes the painter) so i got my spots fixed and we painted with a chameleon type sherwin williams brand paint. its hard to get just 2 colors to show because its so small. the purple and green is mainly noticeable but there are subtle blues yellow's and whatnot. anyway here it is. ive also changed it since then and but a single humbucker pickguard and got rid of the 2 singles since i never use em.


show us more pics of it changing colours :P
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its got more colors i just cant get em to show through on a camera ill have to try a little later. its really purple in the dark and when the light hits its green. its got blues yellow and reds in it too its just hard to show because of how flat it is on a small area. on a car it would be easier. ill try some later with low lighting or different types of lights. thats why i never really bothered to put pictures here because they do it no justice
Looks nice, like a TVR colour. I had a friend do this paint job to his Sunn strat, looks really good. His has more solid metallicness to it if you know what I mean.
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oh **** that's such a cool color... wow.
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Wow, awesome!
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I'd like to do that with a guitar someday. Looks great.
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