I am looking for a very good distortion pedal. I have a 100 watt solid state amp and will be upgrading to tube in the near future. However, I wanted some opinions on this. Didn't like the DS-1. How are the EH little big muff, or similiar ones. Thanking you in advance.
wrong forum try guitar gear and accessories.
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I have the ds-1 is good. try i think its called Boss Ds-2 Turbo Distotion, or the pro co rat 2.
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metal muff for really dry and tight distortion. sounds bad at extreme settings (both ends) will cop mesa pretty decently
landmine distortion, looks gay but actually sounds good, not to hard to set up for a really full on marshall tone
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Thanks, so the boss is just as good as the pro rat. Boss ds2 turbo distortion
^no. proco rat is far more superior than a boss.
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the rockatron dehumanizer .....2 12ax7 tubes.....use only one or two
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