Bought a 1990 telecaster plus. Need some help identifying bits and bobs.

Whats the deal with the tone thing? Theres not much info on these american lovelys at all. It seems to rest at the halfway point. Im not sure why, maybe someone could fill me in on the low down of this setup?

The old dimarizo pickup, sounds to thick, being replaced by my other tele's lace sensor which sounds amazing.

This is my last problem, before you is the old plate. The outer burst on the guitar has glitter in it and it looks amazing. Sadly this glitter plate looks cheap and tacky, it has to go!

Im hoping some of you guys might know the site im looking for. They have tons of custom s-plates, you can even send in a picture and they'll make a plate for ya.

Any help muchly appriciated!
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Whats the SPDT for?

You tell me mate, thinkin about switchin plates with my other tele...
Yeah, the bridge is two singles. Once on the 1st position, you use the 3 way mini switch to change between a single, hummer and out of phase setup.

Lace senson, 3 wires, white, green, red. Which goes where?

Im about to operate i need to know!
shud b relatively self explanatory, except it looks like you have a TBX pot for tone, hopefully this diagram of mine might help with the wiring for that (its for a strat thou)
tbx strat wiring
tbx wiring

hope this helps and good luck (ps. thats a beautiful guitar! (except the pickguard))
Well its a bit late haha, the plate doesnt fit cause the bridge it wider... the lace is humming slightly, no idea what the green wire does but the reds on the selector, whites on the volume pot...

Im thinkin i will need a custom plate...
Thanks james, i got it sussed, cheers for the links! Sounds sooo much nicer now!

Zofar, yeah ill need a custom, normal tele plates dont fit as the bridge part is a good 1cm wider compared to the normal tele bridge

Finished article, sorry for the thumb marks its been a long night. The black/white/black doesnt suit it and i only got about 4 of the screws back in. It'll do until i get a custom on the go! Ill give it a good clean tomorrow.

Cheers for the help, im off to collapse.

(Amazingly didnt burn myself once, i did melt a power lead though)