Lets try this again..... This time without the psuedo-spam thread topic title >_>
Awesome tech death type band thing from Canada (psh, where else if its not Germany, France, or Norway?), has some cool synth in here, specially the song "Insipid", playing it in the car is freakin epic as hell. It has some cool hammond type organ in there as well. I recommend listening to their first 2 songs on the myspace to get a good feel for them. Pretty good IMO, certainly not the best but its a nice change of pace from all the Necrophagist look-alikes that all follow the same diminished crap.


Also I searched, thinking maybe someone spotted them before me and posted something, but I searched through 10 pages and got nothing
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Good band though.

I agree, they are good.
Especially considering it's one guy who does it.

Did you know that this stuff is *omg* xian metal?
Awesome stuff.
'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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