Now i KNOW this thread has been done Avogadro's number of times, but i figure it's worth asking.

I know none of these guys use pedals, but short of buying $3000 in equipment, is there an eq setting on my bass/amp/pedal that will even get me CLOSE to what i want?

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Video Examples below.


any help would be great
thanks Bass forum


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Billy Sheehan's tone is rather unrealistic to achieve. That bloody neck humbucker has a very distinct tone. Billy has 2 outputs; one for each pickup. He sends the neck humbucker to a clean amp and the mid P-pickup to a distorted one. Good luck with that.

You really want that tone on Gene Simmons' bass solo? Well, get a set of flatwounds. Run your amp EQ flat. Maybe boost the low end a bit. Use your middle pickup and use a pick. Forget how to play. Congrats, you sound like Gene Simmons.

That last guy's tone sounds simply like a solo'd bridge pickup played at the neck pickup with a very, very scooped tone. The size of his rig helps the tone too, as he's probably using a 'deep' switch. You probably can't hear him at all past the 4th row. He might have the P/J pickups blended evenly; I'm not too familiar with that tone.
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