Just got a mac today, with that garageband thing, and thought i'd try out recording an intro and a verse of song to see what the guitar sounded like and stuff.

Decided on All Along The Watchtower, added some Rough Vocals but they were recorded through the garageband mic, and u cant sing too loud or it goes insane on feedback so I had to kind of half whisper them, , so don't put me down about that

Anyway, if your into All Along The Watchtower, check it out, on my profile:


If anyone has any tips on garageband or anything, I'd be interested to know, I'm not planning on recording anything serious, but it's just cool to do some demo's and stuff on sometimes.

Note: Randomly stops at like 1:20 or whatever, I was trying to see if I could do a kind of fade out or something, but it went totally wrong and I couldn't bother to re-record everything so I just built everything up again and tryed out some guitar with wah which really doesn't fit

EDIT: Also a demo of one of my new songs Do You Agree? Which i'll be recording in Brighton next week It's got really bad vocals on the chorus but oh well. Only a verse and a chorus long.
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I really liked your cover of All Along the Watchtower, but the bass could've been a few hairs louder. Great stuff though!
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lol, recorded the bass with my guitar with the bass turned up and the treble and mid turned down, the battery on my bass ran out

Glad you didn't mention how horrific the vocals are though
Put up a version of a new song, Do You Agree? If anyone wants to check it out. C4C