Here is a thing i put together while i was banned i think it turned out ok but theres a few things i might change. i still dont know whether to record it or not :S.

anyhoo here it is tell me what you think
Collision Of The Masses.zip
I'm gonna be honest... i don't really like metal or listen to it much, so this sounds like every other metal song to me. It is good though. I really like the part from 2:00 - 3:40. I think the main riff is boring tbh... add more of those harmonized parts over it maybe. The solo is very good though. I would consider extending it a bit. And ummm... this is very nitpicky... but could you vary the titles of your songs a bit? just looking at your sig, it seems like the format is like "the [depressing thing] of the [depressing thing]." I mean I realize metal has that whole image going on, but be a bit more creative with the names, k?

I REEEEEAAAALLLLLy need a crit! Please?

I quite enjoy the verse. Very nice riff. I don't like the chorus though, it sounds really...well, like the other guy said, it sounds just like any other metal song. The Post-chorus melody is alright. Could be better. I like the solo but the acoustic one is great! Nice work on the harmony. Acoustic interlude is alright, but don't go back to the chorus after that. IMO, it sounds terrible. Don't like the ending either. I'd say a 7/10.

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That is a REALLY catchy song.

I LOVED the chorus. But, as with all of your songs: Where's the ****ing bass?! Lol.

I think A bass is a good idea. Because it can keep the tempo up, at a point where the song isnt going as fast. Although, the acoustic break doesnt need to go as fast, cause it adds a lot of contrast. I also loved the acoustic points though. And I would definitely add drums to the Acoustic break.

Ah, and the solo was top notch.
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It's like Fenriz and J. Read

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Well, the beginning was very reminiscent of "Welcome to Buckethead Land" I loved it.

Good chord progression in the Chorus, and i like the post-chorus melody/harmonization.

The sweeps after the break, during the solo were well done. Went from major to minor and fluctuated well ^_^

crit mine?

P.S. Is there going to be vocals?
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
been a while since I've seen something from you man

Verse was a little boring to be honest. It sounds like most of your other songs, with the eigth notes and notes from the scale. Just try doing something with more complex rhythm patterns, like combining sixteenth, eigth and quarter notes in the same bars.

The chorus was nothing special either. Imo, a chorus should be one of the most memorable parts of a song, if you have a song with a regular structure like that. i just didn't really like the power chords you used there.

post chorus melody was alright. I've heard much better from you melody-wise, and the melody was just kind of generic imo. maybe try combining arpeggios when you write melodies like that. Breakdown was also kind of stale and generic, i just wasn't feeling any creativity there.

The first part of the solo with the sweeps was pretty awesome. Good chord progression there. however, if you're going to repeat that part, I'd suggest doing a variation the second time around, like maybe a different chord progression or something. "Empty" part was good, liked the harmonies there. Acoustic solo was ok. sorry, but when I think of acoustic solos, I tend to like stuff that's really complex, evn more so then electric stuff, so It kind of bored me. it fit fine, but it was jsut liek 8th notes going up and down the scale you know? Liked the part from 91-94 though, but the licks afterwards, just made the solo sound like it was repeating itself. Harmony kind of had the same thing going on too. Try to do more creative bends and stuff, although I know know it can be a pain in the ass to put stuff like that on gp . little fast lick at the end was good though, and I liked the acoustic part a lot too. probably your best acoustic stuff yet .

Well overall, it was kind of a generic melodic metal/metalcore type song, with a few good parts here and there. sorry I gave you so much **** about your tune, I'm just being honest (which gets me into trouble sometimes with people too :P ). it's like you kept getting better with your songs, and then this one was like a couple steps below your other stuff. Keep working on it man . Oh and if you get a chance check out my new symphonic metal song in my sig. It's kind of weird though, because after i did the zelda song, everyone started doing video game songs, and after I did the symphonic metal song, people started doing symphonic stuff. I guess I'm kind of a trend setter here sometimes haha.
i know it was pretty guff but i had it written thought id post it anyways, i dont think ill bother recording it as im currently trying to write some death metal songs and i plan to buy a mic and do vocals and everything. only problem is the songs sound so weak in guitar pro that i might not even bother posting them because they sound **** but when played on guitar theyre pretty catchy and heavy. so i dunno....

anyhoo, i just critted your song there, i had already listened to it while i was banned but i gave it another listen anyways