Hey all. I have been playing guitar for about five years now and I have decided that I want to expand my talents as a musician and pick up the bass guitar in addition. However, I need some advice on how to do so (e.g. best ways to learn the basics and which bass to start off with). I have a bit of music theory knowledge, enough to know the notes in a specific key and whatnot. If I had to pick a genre of music I listen to, I'd say I'm mostly an alternative and indie guy, but I'll listen to/play anything really.

As for learning the basics, any tips are more than welcome.
As for purchasing my first bass, I am looking to spend no more than $400 preferably. I don't need anything fancy, but something sturdy and reliable. Any suggestiong would be awesome.

I look forward to reading some replies.

This may take some time and may seem strange as hell, but for fun, and sometimes even when I'm writing bass lines, I do this:

Record a song or something. You know you have some without bass lines. Then, well, write a bass line for it. Sound simple? OK, make sure you don't use ANY of the same notes! There's a 50/50 chance it'll sound like hell (or incredible), but when your done, you'll have a bit of an understanding on what notes work well in what situations and how things sound together.

For example, hit the 9th fret of the G string and an open E at the same time. Then, hit the 9th fret of the G string again, but this time with an open A string. Totally different feel, huh?
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play this

5 with pinky
4 with ring finger
3 with middle
2 with index

repeat 100x per day for a week, watch tv while doing so
I'll lay waiting, just waiting for my time to come
when u first pick it up the frets seem stupidly far apart compared to guitar, really helped me just to do the standard chromatic
1-2-3-4 thing
on each string. Gets you used to the fret distance and the space between each string