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This is like the Beast Wars version done by NightmareXT. He was not going to do a Transformers Generation 1 version so I took the liberty.

Choose your side as an Autobot or Decepticon.

Optimus Prime - Freightliner Tractor Trailer (I_Am_Iron_Man)
Rodimus Prime - Cybertronian RV (StageLife30)
Elita One - Cybertronian Car
Ultra Magnus - Freightliner Car Carrier (irishmatt1992)
Bluestreak(Silverstreak) - Nissan 280ZX Turbo
Hound - Jeep J59
Ironhide - Nissan C20 Vanette (jonnyrotten45)
Jazz - Porsche 935 Turbo (antman4)
Mirage - Ligier JS11 Formula 1 Racing Car
Prowl - Nissan 280ZX Police Car (Schmietty)
Ratchet - Nissan C20 Vanette Ambulance (bimsterfls)
Sideswipe - Lamborghini Countach LP500S (metal_al)
Sunstreaker - Supercharged Lamborghini Countach
Trailbreaker - Toyota Hilux
Wheeljack - Lancia Stratos Turbo
Grapple - Mitsubishi Crane Truck
Hoist - Toyota Hilux Tow Truck
Skids - Honda City Turbo
Smokescreen - Racing-modified Nissan 280ZX-R
Tracks - Chevrolet Corvette C3
Inferno - Mitsubishi-Fuso Fire Truck
Red Alert - Fire Chief-styled Lamborghini Countach
Hot Rod - Futuristic Pontiac Firebird
Kup - Cyber Pickup
Blurr - Cybertronian car
Punch - Pontiac Fiero
Arcee - Cybertronian Car
Chromia - Cybertronian Van
Firestar - Cybertronian Pickup
Moonracer - Cybertronian Car
Brawn - Land Rover Defender
Bumblebee - Volkswagen Beetle/Goldbug/2009 Camaro (axeslinger0u812)
Cliffjumper - Porsche 924 Turbo
Gears - 4x4 Pickup
Huffer - Cab-Over-Engine Semi Truck Cab
Windcharger - Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am
Beachcomber - Dune Buggy
Cosmos - Capsule-like Spacecraft
Powerglide - A-10 Thunderbolt
Seaspray - Hovercraft
Warpath - M551 Sheridan tank
Wheelie - Cybertronian Car
Bumper - Mazda Familia 1500XG
Hubcap - Retool of Cliffjumper as a Porsche 924 with a normal-sized rear spoiler
Outback - Retooling of Brawn, with a more realistic front towing rig
Pipes - Retooling of Huffer
Swerve - Retooling of Gears as a utility pickup
Tailgate - Retool of Windcharger, now with a symmetrical hood
Grimlock - Tyrannosaurus Rex (MightyAl)
Slag - Triceratops (Murasaki-kun)
Sludge - Brontosaurus
Snarl - Stegosaurus
Swoop - Pteranodon (ytse Jammer)
Jetfire/Skyfire - Valkyrie styled Jet
Metroplex - Robot/Battle Platform/City
Scamper - Cybertronian Car/Robot
Slammer - Tank/Tower
Six-Gun - Tower/Robot
Perceptor - Microscope
Omega Supreme - Rocket Defense Base
Sky Lynx - Space Shuttle/Bird/Lynx
Devcon - Futuristic Jet
Dion - Cybertronian Pickup
Powerdasher - Drill Tank/Jet/Funny Car
Blaster - Boombox (chiefmeister)
Eject - Blue Robot
Ramhorn - Rhino
Rewind - Black Robot
Steeljaw - Lion
Grandslam - Tank
Raindance - Jet
Slamdance - Grandslam and Raindance
Overdrive - Ferrari 512 BB (D0c7oR 8oB)
Camshaft - Mazda RX-7
Downshift - Toyota Supra
Springer - Attack Helicopter, Rocket Car
Quickswitch - Jet, Sea Skimmer, Puma, Drill Tank, Assault Gun

Superion - Aerialbots:
Silverbolt - Concorde
Air Raid - F-15 Eagle
Fireflight - F-4 Phantom
Slingshot - AV-8B Harrier
Skydive - F-16 Fighting Falcon

Defensor - Protectobots:
Hot Spot - Blue Fire Engine
Blades - UH-1 Iroquois
First Aid - Ambulance
Groove - Police Motorcycle
Streetwise - Police modified Nissan 300ZX

Computron - Technobots:
Scattershot - Cybertronian Jet / Artillery Cannon
Afterburner - Cybertronian Speedbike
Lightspeed - Cybertronian Car
Nosecone - Drill Tank
Strafe - Spacefighter w/ twin heavy cannons

Megatron - Walther P38 Pistol (AvengedThrice)
Galvatron - Laser Cannon / Futuristic Handgun (aetherspear)
Shockwave - Ray Gun (zEp101)
Scorponok - Scorpion/City (cobain_is_king)
Starscream - F-15 Jet (Set-Abominae)
Skywarp - F-15 Jet
Thundercracker - F-15 Jet
Sunstorm - F-15 Jet
Dirge - Modified F-15 Jet
Ramjet - Modified F-15 Jet (skaguitarist53)
Thrust - Modified F-15 Jet
Cyclonus - Futuristic Jet (Food_for_funk)
Scourge - Hovercraft (Scourge)
Soundwave - Microcassette Player (Tu Madre lolz!)
Ravage - Jaguar/Microcassette
Laserbeak - Condor/Microcassette
Rumble - Robot/Microcassette
Buzzsaw - Condor/Microcassette
Frenzy - Robot/Microcassette
Ratbat - Bat/Microcassette
Reflector (SpyGlass, Spectro & Viewfinder) - Camera
Trypticon - Tyrannosaurus Rex/Battle Platform/City
Bombshell - Weevil
Kickback - Grasshopper
Shrapnel - Stag Beetle
Barrage - Hercules Beetle
Chop Shop - Stag Beetle
Ransack - Locust
Venom - Cicada
Runamuck - Pontiac Trans Am (rocker007)
Runabout - Lotus Esprit
Astrotrain - Space Shuttle/D62 Steam Locomotive
Blitzwing - MiG-25 Foxbat/Mitsubishi Type 74 Main Battle Tank
Octane - Tanker truck/Boeing KC-767
Apeface - Ape/Jet
Snapdragon - Tyrannosaurus Rex/Jet
Sixshot - Jet/Armoured Car/Ramming tank/Wolf/Laser Pistol

Devastator - Constructicons: (WhammyBear)
Scrapper - Payloader
Bonecrusher - Bulldozer
Hook - Crane Truck
Long Haul - Dump Truck
Mixmaster - Concrete Mixer
Scavenger - Excavator

Menasor - Stunticons:
Motormaster - Kenworth K100
Breakdown - Lamborghini Countach
Dead End - Porsche 928
Drag Strip - Tyrrell P34
Wildrider - Ferrari 308 GTB

Bruticus - Combaticons:
Onslaught - Anti-aircraft Truck
Blast Off - Space Shuttle
Brawl - Leopard Tank
Swindle - Jeep
Vortex - UH-60 Black Hawk

Predaking - Predacons:
Razorclaw - Lion
Divebomb - Eagle
Headstrong - Rhino
Rampage - Tiger
Tantrum - Bull

Abominus - Terrorcons:
Hun-Grrr - Two-headed Dragon(aka "Hun-Grr", "Hun-Gurr")
Blot - Mole Monster
Cutthroat - Pteranodon
Rippersnapper - Bipedal Shark
Sinnertwin - Orthus

Piranacon - Seacons:
Snap Trap - Snapping Turtle
Nautilator - Lobster
Overbite - Bipedal Shark
Seawing - Manta Ray
Skalor - Bipedal Coelacanth
Tentakil - Squid

Unicron (cherub_rocker07)
Sideways (Toms' anominous)

Add this if you are an Autobot:
(Character) of the Autobot Transformers G1 Club
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Add this to your sig if you are a Decepticon:
(Character) of the Decepticon Transformers G1 Club
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Note: About the Combinors, yes you can be the actual bots that combine AND the big bots that they combine into are also up for grabs!!!!
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i got starscream, can u say ballin?
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jesus christ!!!!!
when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace

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dammit, i can't be bumblebee with the sweet new camaro? I know it's not the old school originals and all, but that car is seriously bad ****ing ass. and I want it when it comes out in 09. pretty pretty please?
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Iron Hide Then!!!!
when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace

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Quote by Holy Katana
Pssh, the Transformers club I'm in is better.

Balls! Look at the size of that list! It's length is maximum.
Funny words.
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YES! sweet god do I want this car. lol.
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(sweet 2009 camaro )
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Our hearts are with Nick Grundy.
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He knows me well..
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Ultra Magnus !!!!!!!!1

EDIT: Cancel that i wanna be Devestator!
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more later.....
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Obviously I will be Scourge, of the Decepticons.
I didn't have a signature until now.
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i call Overdrive!! just because hes a ****in ferrari
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Ultra Magnus!


Shockwave I guess...=(
It's a long story, though, so I'll just say this: laxatives+metal do not mix.

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Quote by irishmatt1992
Come on guys where are the Transformers fans?

I'm one, but I'm already a member of a Transformers club.
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Blaster, since someone else took soundwave
Quote by gallagher2006
Whats a Van Halen? Is it like a Floyd Rose?
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Hey, I was wondering if I could get that Scorpion thing from the new Movie? the one that chases the Spec ops team in the desert even though these are the classic transformers.

Failing that Powerglide A-10 warthogs! whooooo

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i noticed Unicron wasn't listed.

can i be Unicron?
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
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Sideways wasn't listed

can i be him???

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This fine fellow speaks the truth.

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dude sonic music??? you're my hero!

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Love you

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