I've got a Laney LC30 which doesn't have a headphone jack, but I was wondering if there's anyway to use it with headphones

can I plug headphones into where and extension cabinet would go? or maybe unplug the speakers and plug the headphones in there

will this work? or will it damage my amp if I try
Probably blow your amp and/or headphones up. The headphones would need to be the correct ohms and be able to handle however much power is coming out of your amp. So if the headphones shhit themselves then your amp will be left with no load and then all you tubes will probably die aswell and yeah..

I am just hypothesising though, maybe someone else knows a way you can do it..
can you do that with a solid state amp?
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If you could run a load onto the output of the amp, then attach a headphone jack to the preamp, then yes. It'd be unnecessarily expensive, though, in my opinion.
if it was me i would just go buy the cheapest ss amp i could and use it for headphones, or turn the laney all the way down so you can barely hear it
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Theirs a reason why theres no "Headphones" input on tube amps!

output you mean....


bam, problem solved.
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