never really got the difference between distortion and over drive, to me they still just sound exactly the same
They are really the same thing.Distortion pedals produce more intense distortion then overdrive pedals most of the time.Plus they are EQ'd different.

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Over drive is a less distorted sound generally, obviously depending on how high you set them. Not all that much difference as far as i can see though
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Overdrive is basically distortion, but it's differentiated by how it's achieved. You don't get overdrive by simply turning a knob up on an amp. (Although some amps/pedals may come with a feature that can simulate this with a knob) The effect is created by a guitar amplifier's preamp stage being pushed beyond its limit. (in terms of volume/output) The result is you get a different kind of sounding distortion. In comparison to normal distortion sounding a bit less expressive, blurred, thin and, above all distorted; overdrive sounds thick, crunched up or fuzzy and sustains much longer than guitar notes played cleanly do. Plenty of metal guitarists use this effect.
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