Ok, we have our first gig on the 25 of August. We re playing at a birthday party. The place we re playing at doesnt have a place to play. At all. But the backyard. So we are going to be playing on the grass with our amps propped up........ I dont know how well its gonna work. Any tips on actually playing also. I can move around pretty good, But grass might slow me down, and i have a habit of tripping over the power cord. Any tips on that.

Equipment wise we have:
Guitars- Squier Modded Strat(Invader In bridge), Epi les paul Special 2(Built by me), And my Acoustic,
Amps- A Line 6 Spider3, And a marshall Mg 10 that i got as my first amp. Our bass players dad says that will work for the gig(He's in a pretty well known band) but i dont believe him. And we need advice on a PA. Should we rent one or use a stereo setup. I have two big speakers and i could buy a mixer. So answer that.
Bass- A, Vista Bass? Sounds good so I like it.
Drums- Mapex 5 Piece? I dont know ill ask him later.

So heres our Set List:
Her Best Friend (original)
Speechless (original)
Untitled (Blink 182)
Teenager (Original)
Girls Are Spies (Original)
Two Face (ORiginal)
Moving On (original)
(Not Named yet (Original)
All The Small Things (Blink-182)
(Not NAmed Yet) (ORiginal)
Song 7 (Original)
Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana)
And WE Could do smells like teen spirit.....
So.......how are we doin? And answer my questions Please!
Thanks ,
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in playing backyard shows, just remember this: don't be serious jerks that just play because they begrudgingly accepted an invitation.

have a little fun and interact with the crowd between, and sometimes during songs. ask them how they're doing and if they need one more [age appropriate drink] to feel good.

as for tripping over the power chord, wire EVERYTHING so it goes BEHIND the drummer.


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given the background of the gig, it might be wise to play a couple more covers, and to play only one Blink 182 song.
thanks. I try to wire it behind the drummer. But does anyone know anything about a pa. Can i make amakeshift one?
We re playing at a festival in Sept
OOPS! Totally Spaced! LOL
We re playing heart shaped box. And its sounds really good.......
Oh, and were 14, and 13.
your better off getting a PA package you can get for about $300 that will do good for what you're looking for.

you might have to pick up a couple stands and mics unless they come with the package.

i'd say the PA needs to be atleast 100 watts.
Cool. Ill look. But i dont know where ill get 300 dollars in 5 days.......So is there anyway i can make the makeshift one??
Well, u could call the music store.............. Just say hey, id like to rent a small PA system, and tell em wat u need. Make sure u have that part worked out BEFORE u call. (how many mics, size of the venue, if ur gonna mic all the amps/drums, etc.) If they say they dont rent that that stuff, they will prolly know someone who does. I work at a music store that rents that kinda stuff, and im thinkin for wat it sounds like ur doin, ud come in closer to $200. Good luck.