Im probably goign to buy it very soon. I know M-Audio is a very good company and that i wil lget my moneys worth.

I just want feedback if anybody has used it before.
lexicon makes better stuff i think.
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K i dont need like crazy studio quality stuff. The M-Audio Fast Track is perfect for my home recording needs.

I jsut wnted to know if other people liked it or not
M-Audio stuff is really good.
I prefer M-Audio cuz its compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered, if you ever wanna move up to using Pro Tools, you wont need to buy a new interface.
No experience with the fast track, but I had the M-Audio Solo (Firewire). The build quality was very good (good metal case) that took abuse moving it around with no issues.

Might be overkill, but with SPDIF and 1/4 inputs (in addition to the mic pre-amp and DI) it is extremely flexible.

Drivers were stable, but not full featured. I'd guess they are similar between all the m-audio devices.
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