my dad has a 24 fret ibanez i need for a song, it's an rg 370 dx. so i strum it and its badly out of tune because he rarely plays. so i tunes it up and seconds later strummed agian and it was badly out of tune again. the problem is his guitar seems to be overtuning itself in a matter of minutes. at one point the bridge was pulling away from the body. his guitar has a punch of knobs on the bridge that he says are extra tuning keys but i dunno. and the neck has some sort of lock. my question is does anyone know what the **** is up with this guitar? could he have turned some of the wrong knobs leading to the guitar tuning itself way to high? heres a picture of the guitar i found on google. please help! http://www.ibanezguitars.co.uk/acatalog/RG370DX-EB.jpg
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I'm just guessing the lock on the neck you are talking about is the tuning lock for the wammy bar? My guitar doesn't have wammy capability so I really don't know, just taking a shot at it.
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hey i had the same problem with my strat about a year ago. its probably a higher gage of strings used and are tighter then what the springs in the back are able to handle. go buy 2 more springs at any music store, they're like 30cents a piece. take the back panel off the guitar and put in the 2 new ones so that u have 5 springs and your problem will be fixed, garanteed.
the bridge is called a floyd rose. theres different models of it but thats the general name. however i don't have any experience with them, so you'll have to wait for somebody else to answer your question
you gotta make sure the floyd rose is set properly. its a floating bridge and it should be level with the body of the guitar. you can get someone to do it for you which is good if you don't know what you're doing but you can just open up the back of the guitar and use a screwdriver to adjust the bridge. if he doesn't play the guitar often, you should also consider changing the strings but make sure you know how to do it. go here if you don't: http://guitar.about.com/c/ht/00/07/How_Change_Strings_Floyd0962934245.htm

the most important thing to remember is only take one string off at a time and replace it before taking another off. once you re-string it, make sure to stretch the strings out and also make sure that the floyd rose is set level with the body. it takes a little trial and error to do it but remember that tightening and loosening the strings also can help adjust the bridge's position.

sorry for the long post. good luck.
unscrew the locks, tune your guitar slightly flat. Then tighten the locks again and retune using the fine tuning keys on the bridge.