Hey guys. This is the link for my band's site. I wanted to hear you guys' opinions on the bottom song "time to save your life". Its just two of us, and were very limited with the recording equipment we have available. but we tried to make it sound clean and professional as possible. Were both in highschool btw. Please let me knwo what you think about any aspect we can work on. vocals/guitar/solo/mics/drums what have you.


Much appreciated guys,
It's really not bad.

the recordings feel a little distant, and I couldn't always understand the words, but I usually can't with a lot of bands.
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i love the guitar in the intro, really really cool effects the vocals bring it down a bit but really really cool stuff i also do nt like the vocals in the course but the guitar and drums are solid i cant hear the bass at all tho i think that u should be able to a bit, not bad solo kinda thing either

over all not bad but sry wouldnt buy ur album or down load it
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drums are a little too quiet and a bit "trebley" but the rest sounds good. the vocals could use a little less volume but otherwise its a cool song
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hey. thanks for the feedback guys. We had 1 mic for the whole affair. and the vocals were hard to do. Im acutally taking singing lessons now though..so hopefully it wont be as much of a drag on our next recording
Hey, i just wanna say, with wat you guys had to work with, all your stuff is excellent. My band is kinda regrouping after loosing our guitar player who is going to college, and were trying to write new stuff, and i hope it sounds half as good as some of this stuff! One mic must been hell to record the drums! Haha, keep rockin'.