Topic says it all, I was wondering if external hard drive were fast enough to play games off of.
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Probably. External Hard Drives are just like Hard Drives except they get a nice case instead of getting embedded into a computer.
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If it plugs right in to the motherboard (instead of USB) then it should be fine. SATA should work well to.
ive played gta vice city off a external just make sure you have usb 2.0 ports cause it dont work to great off of 1.2
Yes they are. Just make sure to get the right drive and connector. If you're playing old games it probably doesn't matter, but if you're playing newer games you probably want a usb 2.0 or firewire connection between your PC and your drive.

However be careful when picking an external hard drive, or hard drive in particular. get the smallest possible drive for your application. The bigger the drive, the more weight and parts. The more weight and parts, the more things that can go wrong and screw up your drive. So if you don't need a 300gb external hard drive, don't buy one.
external harddirve all i use mine for is storing like 32gigs of music and other crap for whem my computer screws up n i reinstall the op system. ive tried playing games straught from the external and its just to slow...
as possible as playing games off an internal hard drive
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With firewire/usb2? Of course. Might take a bit longer to load stuff, that's all.
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