Right. I'm looking for a bass combo amp, preferably around 100 watts

Budget of about $400, it's kind of flexible so if it goes a bit above that figure, that's fine

We usually play a lot of ska and hardcore punk, so preferably something that would suit that kind of bassline

I currently have a crap little 10 watt bass amp that i got free with an Ibanez starter kit a bought a few years ago. For gigs, i usually borrow whatever amp is around. My drummer's brother's got a guitar amp that i usually use in band practise

I'm a pretty tight bassist, i'd like to say.....

Oh and i can't by used stuff, cuz i live in Dubai and it's kind of hard to transport/find...

Any suggestions? If there's like, an Ampeg or something in that budget.......
I'm a fan of Ashdown gear, I really like the sound they have, and they're cheap. I'd look into those if I was you, I believe they have a MAG300 2x10 combo for like...$400 something, but I could be wrong. There's other ones though.

You could also get a Fender Rumble...
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right will check it out, although i've now found out that my budget has been cut to $350.....I also found an Ampeg BA115 for that price and it seems pretty good, cept it's kinda hard to ship...it only ships to US and Canada, and i live in Dubai, that makes things complicated