Okay, as of this moment I own a ****ty rip off strat, an Epiphone Dot, and a 120 watt Crate amp, with other accessories that i need not mention. But now i am looking for a new guitar. I play all music so what type is not a problem. Even though these guitars are cheap, i played the G400 and was impressed by the quality for the price, but not the Warrior. And now i am looking to buy one of them, but dont wanna jump to conclusion that the jackson is just as good because of the relatively close price. So which is better? The Jackson Warrior is $309 and the Epiphone G400 is $299. If someone could give some pros and cons of one of them.. or both, that would be nice. Here are some pics if your memory needs refreshing..

Epiphone Vintage G400

Jackson Warrior