just before u all go off ur rocker and flame me, i have searched and read the sg thread!!!ok!!! lol

sorry lol. but yeh anyways, im looking at buying a new guitar, cause im tryn to sell my jackson JS20 at the mo, which was my first and only electric. I really wana get an SG, and gibson is way outa my price range, so i have been looking at the epiphone G400..has anyone got some decent advice or anything to look out for when getting one of these?

any help or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
well...by way out of your price range what are we talking about as far as price range...cause i got my gibson sg for just under 600 at guitar center...
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the faded SG doesnt cost that much, and the only difference between it and any other SG is that it has less paint on, which makes it resonate more, and look a hell lot sweeter
I have only played one G400 in a music store for about 15 minutes through a Valveking tube combo. I was favorably impressed. It looked good, good neck (a little thicker than I normally like but reasonably fast,) decent pickups (good sustain and fairly hot.) It is not up there with Gibson but I would not be ashamed of it at all. I would watch quality control on these but the one I played I liked.
well i live in new zealand, and for me to get a gibsin faded sg in shops over here is $1700 NZ dollers....so yeh my price range is about $500-$700 NZ dollers, and a brand new epiphone G400 will set me back about $650. just to compare the different prices for me. im not tryna be a smart arse or nething but yeh lol. im looking second hand as well which will same me bout $150