So I've read 1984 by George Orwell and I have to do a study guide but I don't understand what the questions are asking me so I've decided to turn to UG for help. I really do need help I've been working on this and a study guide for another book all day.

It is asking me about ideas and themes

1. What ideas do you discover in the work?

Now for this one I've decided to use the idea of 2+2=5 and the fact that you must obey everything The Party dictates but here are the questions that confuse me.

2. To what do the ideas pertain?
a. To the individuals themselves?
b. To individuals and society?
c. to religion?
d. To social, political, or economic justice?

3. How balanced are the ideas?
a. if a particular idea is strongly presented, what conditions and qualifications are also presented (if any?)

There are way more questions but I don't want to overwhelm you guys.

Seriously, any help would be greatly appreciated.
omfg, i am obsessed w/ this book, and i know it really well, and id help you, but im tired from 48 hours of drinking and screaming bitches, so...good luck...but seriously, really read into the book, its absolutely genius, have a teacher help you
It seems to me that you need to pick more ideas than just 2+2=5. So perhaps include something like the importance of communication and language? (as shown through Winston's diary and Newspeak) Or the Party's slogans? The importance of history? etc.

I don't really understand those questions but here are some rough ideas off the top my head...

2. The ideas pertain to controlling and maintaining power. They show the ways in which the Party controls society.

2. a. Winston sees the flaws in his society and therefore tries to fix them. Julia acknowledges them but only acts for her benefit and does not try to make real change. Parsons is a proud supporter of the Party.

2. c. The Party eliminates religion in place of the state. This is done to control people.

2. d. Justice is nonexistent as it is decided solely by a small group of individuals with no system of checks. Economically most people suffer and live in squalid conditions.

I hope that helps.
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I would answer it a different way, but yes, I think you need to explore several ideas for the study guide. Question 2 is asking you to pick one or more that it applies to, not neccesarily cover each one. I only see it relating to individuals and society. 2+2=5 expresses the idea that individuals blindly accept whatever The Party tells them, no matter how backwards it is(here you could go deeper into 'doublethink' if you needed another concept). This is how the society functions, by faith in The Party.

This is only a light explanation, and should probably go into more detail should you choose to use it.

1984 is a great book. I think it's impressive that it's been quoted by several bands.
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