hughes and kettner are bad ass amps period man.so are mesa/boogie they will blow marshall's smelly **** out of the water
H&K are rather ungodly amps. Ive never played one, but from what Ive heard they are rather awesome
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mesa-boogie rectos are brutal. they make marshalls sound weak and pathetic.

oh, and hk's are sweet tooo.
i <3 my gibson.

proud member of the anti-ibanez milita. my rg1570 was the crappiest guitar i've ever owned.

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Ive played a solid state H&K before it didnt really amaze me maybe thats why im having mixed feelings although id like to buy a good H&K but the warp x looks and sounds pretty good from the sound clips the Duotone looks nice too i have no idea what amp to get
If you guys have suggestions let me know
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