For those of you who don't know Bruce Foxton(bass player of the jam) and Rick Buckler(Drummer of the Jam) have reunited for a tour without the KEY member of the band Paul Weller. Now I'm a HUGE Jam fan and was first very excited to hear about a Jam reunion and then very dissapointed to hear about no Weller. The'yre playing the El Rey Theatre on Jan. 26th in California and I'm going and am just glad that they've decided to come all the way out to the west coast. All I've heard is that they're great. I've watched some videos of their shows on Youtube but they were all low quality with bad sound and they're playing small venues without much stage room but still they were pretty good. Anyone else see them or planning to see them?
bit of a crime really to have no Weller, essentially there a tribute band of their own band.

Who's replacing Weller anyway?