I was just wondering if anyone else has ever noticed such as when I was just listening to a song, that when focusing on the rhythm guitar (distorted heaps), that I was wrong as to what it sounded like?
It's like I have an idea of how the rhythm goes (not specific to notes, I'm just talking being able to zero in on the sound), and then I focus on it, and realise that what I imagine the sound changes to is maybe a half or a full step off than what it really is...
This is a very distorted song (right into the bliss by katatonia, if that helps lol), and I would (just instinctively) listen to the lead rather, and when I did focus on the rhythm I was suprised.
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It usually takes some real ear training to just focus on the rhythm, so I think making mistakes is a pretty common problem. After all, when there's a solo or lead break of some kind, your ear automatically focuses on that...and that's kind of the point. But for rhythm players, you have to study hard to make sure you are doing things right.
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