well, i cant do any vocals, but just wanted to say that this solo was ****in amazing
Nice stuff, I don't really like the drum sound. The rhythm guitars aren't so great during the verse. But for the most part, it sounded really good.

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that is good....my rating is 9 out of 10...keep that up

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that solo was amazing. It was original, creative, kinda had the kooky vibe to it, and finished really strongly. Anyways, excellent guitar work on that part. One thing that bothered me was that in the beginning the two guitars were out of sync with each other, and the lack of vocals just made me skip past all the subsequent verses to get to the solo.

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I feel bad putting a solo of mine next to yours but:
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I think you should have kept the drums closer to the original, but hey, no worries.

At the moment, I'm using GuitarPro drums, exported to MIDI, then opened in Logic Express using the Garageband drums. Now I'm checking out realistic drum software programs to use instead, for better Drum sound
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Let us know if you find any good'uns, as Guitar Pro isn't ideal for drums.
I've read that you can 'create' your own drums in Logic Express by using the Enviroment thingie, and select samples to map to each drumthing. I've just downloaded a load of single drum samples, now I've got to find out how to do it

(Logic Express is the program I use)
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some retards decided it would be funny to use mental conditions as insults.