how would someone go about becoming a studio musician?
like someone who just helps records
Be super amazing but not be connected to any one band.

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You need to be well-rounded musician, knowing many styles and genres. You have to have great playing skills and theory knowledge. Also, you have to be able to play exactly like people tell you to do.
you have to be able to sightread and understand music like you read an english book.
It's obvious that you have to be a versatile player. Reading music isn't required but it's recommended. They'll usually take someone that can read over someone who can't if the ability is equal between the two. Knowing a good bit about theory is a must, even if you're a percussionist. The most important thing really....you need to know somebody that can get you to that job. To get steady session work you have to have a reasonably well-established name in the business. Get your name out there to everybody and tell them what you do. Maybe they'll remember you when their first choices are sick or getting married or whatever.
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You must be able to quickly create or read a guitar part and make it sound great. Versatility and being able to work fast are important. It's also very important that you are good at networking and are a cool person to work with.
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