whats a metronome? i see all these posts about how it helps with your speed and clarity.i looked it up on musiciansfriend but none of the descriptions tell me what it does?
its something that ticks to a certain tempo
it helps with your timing.

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it is a little black box that clicks like "tik tik tik tik tik tik tik" that keeps the time. You can set it to any bpm (beats per minute) and it will help you stay in time
so i set it to the a time and i play with the clicks? could you recommend a good buy cause this sounds like it could help a lot
Metronome is the most important tool a musician can ever buy having a good sense of time is crucial to being a good player ive spent countless hours playing along to that little droning noise. anything that clicks in time is a good metronome
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what do you guys actually recommend for playing to a metronome? I mean while you can play on each count of the metronome, most songs i can find are so fast that there are notes inbetween each count. Can you guys actually keep up with how many notes to play between each count even? I'm just wondering if its because im just new to the whole scene that it sounds so fast i cant keep track of how many notes are played between each count.

But yeah if i can find songs dou you just practice one note per count of the metronome, and then increase to include a note now played inbetween two counts(so 3 notes per 2 counts basically) and so forth?

Is it that important to learn proper time/metronome compared to listening with your ears for the general speed of the song?