What to do, what to do? I'm in a bad situation right now with my band. I've got a bass player in the band who just pretty much sucks to high extremes, but we can't kick him out. Here's why. See the bass player came into the picture when our other bass player quit. Our guitarist told us he knew a guy real well that was good, one of his friends. Well along with him coming on board, he came with a massive PA system. We had not had one previously before this. Anyway time goes on, he sucks. If we kick him out we lose the PA. That's not the worry part. The worry part is that I don't want to at the same time piss the guitarist out of the band for kicking the other guy out. I've tried talking and reasoning with him, but he still seems like it's just a phase the guys going thru. What do I do? Any suggestions?
I say you gotta tell your bassist to PRACTICE! God, you cant play in a band if he sucks. If you end up havin to kick him out, thats what I would do!
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Kick them both, if the guitarist can't see his friend sucks just slap him. Hell our drummer sucks so we let him sing
Then we got a metal drummer and now we're all like *damp bass note 3 times* *twiddle* *damp bass note three times* *twiddle* etc
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Uh, Fall out Boy are a perfect example of how you can ''make it'' with a uber crappy Bass player, dont worry.
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lol @ the guy with a bad hairstyle too.
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I was kicking a balloon around, and kicked the back of my other foot.
I broke my toe as a result.
Tell him to start practising if he wants to stay in the band. Then he should pick it up.
Ask what the drummer/vocalist thinks? If you can show your guitarist you're not alone in your concerns, he might be persuaded.
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^ +1

dude just tell him to practice or teach him.
i teach our bass player how to shred, its not hard

just give him some stuff to practice like excersises and stuff it worked for our bass player

peace bro
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but you should really try and reason with the guitarist.
and if he doesn't want to cooperate than i guess ur band is screwed
but then again some things aren't meant to be
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the practice thing has never worked with this guy. He's still having problems playing songs we've had in our set list for like 6 months. The guitarist is really good though.... but i guess if it ain't meant to be then that's the way it is. However we still have to get our PA equipment in the right order before we kick him to the curb.